Boat Tour with Captain Jed

Boat Tour with Captain Jed

I wanted to share a story of one of the recent boat tours. No one ever knows what to expect before they book a boat tour, so I wanted to share recent tour experience. I always strive to make sure every passenger on our airboat tour is having fun and a memorable experience.

boat tour Amelia Island, FLToday was amazing. High tide is definitely the best time to take a ride. We were able to cross a lot of waterways normally not accessible by going over areas of low lying grasses to see so many Great White Egrets, Snowy Egrets and Great Blue Herons, too numerous to count. They were in the trees on a small island and as we rounded a corner, the sound of the fan startled them and as if on command they all took flight. An amazing contrast of white and blue against the green trees.

Later as we were on our way home we saw a pod of dolphin, four adults and two babies. The little ones could not have been more than 3 feet long, they literally jumped out of the water as if to say, I am alive and this is great.

Took a couple over to Cumberland Island at high tide today to see the wild horses and as we entered Beech Creek there was a dolphin jumping and rolling near the shore catching smaller fish. I shut the engine off and we drifted for a few minutes just watching this beautiful creature doing why was natural. I was awe struck as to how flexible the dolphin was, twisting and turning and changing direction as if it was a ball being blown around.

Finally after a few moments it took off and we proceeded to search for the infamous wild horses.
As we neared Carnegie Castle we found a half dozen horses grazing in the lawn of what used to be a magnificent mansion. Time and nature have taken over now and the structure seems to joining with the land and wild animals roam the premises.

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